Why I believe investing in west Edmonton is a smart decision

Where abouts am I talking?

The area of the city that I am referring to is outside the Anthony Henday ring and from Stony Plain road (16A) south to Maskekosihk Trail (hwy 627). Included in this area are the communities: Secord, Rosenthal, Stewart Greens, Webber Greens, Edgemont-Woodhaven, Hamptons, and Granville.

My thoughts

The west is quietly growing and will continue to over the next 5 years. There are tons pockets of new housing construction with the main focus being affordable housing. The trend of "zero lot line" homes are taking off. There are 3 new schools that just opened in Henley Heights, 2 in Webber Greens and another in 2018 to open in Granville. Andrew Knack the council for this ward is very active and pushing for a large piece of the 2018 budget to be spent in these areas. The next phase of the LRT is to come west and stop at the Lewis Farm Transit station on 87th ave. Also Andrew is fighting hard to have the next and biggest rec centre in Edmonton to be built between Secord and Rosenthal. The plans are already complete and will include a much needed High School and Library. 

So in 5-10 years the west will have everything! Tons of modern schools for all ages, modern residential affordable homes, bustling businesses, a massive rec centre and direct access to downtown with the LRT. It already is a great hub to access the main arteries of Stony Plain Rd, Whitemud and Anthony Henday to get to anywhere in Edmonton. 

15 Minutes to West Edmonton Mall

30 minutes to the Airport

15 minutes to St. Albert

25 Minutes to Rogers Place (Now without LRT)

Top 100 places to invest in Canada!

I am not the only one that believes this... the publication "Canadian Real Estate Wealth" listed the community of Edgemont in their top 100 places to invest magazine November/December 2017 edition. They use data metrics such as: Population, population change, average price, average rent, cap rate, vacancy and projected annual cash flows from reputable sources The Teranet, CMHC and Statistics Canada.

They believe the main reason for excitement is "Access to Edmonton's main employers". They really focus on the "rental ability" of the homes. The average sale price in the area is $520,000 and can fetch up to $3,000 in rent per month. Many of the home builders have equiped homes with the ability to put in a legal basement suite. The suites can get you around $1300/month in rent which is cutting your mortgage in half. 

Edgemont and The Ice District were the only 2 communities listed in the city limits with Spruce Grove and Beaumont also being mentioned. Which shows the outskirt communities leading the way. 

It's a lifestyle

Ok.... I will admit it I live on the west end in Secord. I bought in 2014 when I had no idea about what would be on the horizon. We honestly were not even looking at the west end but we fell in love with the home and then learned to love the community. Now we are very excited for the future and what is going to be at our doorstep. My wife works downtown and does not have any issues with the drive. I work all over the place and commute daily around the city. The west end provides me quick easy access everywhere. We have tons of green spaces and trails to walk the dogs, lots of restaurants and a golf course! A great variety of grocery stores and business provide choice and convenience to the residents. I also travel back to my home town of Devon quite often which is just a 20 minute drive and we can hang on the beaches of the River in the summer in just minutes.  

The YEG Infill trend

Top Communites seeing Infills on MLS in 2017

  1. Hazeldean= 10
  2. Glenora= 9
  3. Ritchie= 9
  4. Allendale= 8
  5. Westmount= 7
  6. King Edward Park= 7
  7. Bonnie Doon= 6
  8. Mckernan= 6
  9. Inglewood= 5
  10. Forest Heights= 4
  11. Grovenor= 3

Top 3 Sale prices

  1. $2,000,000- Windsor Park
  2. $1,315,000- Pleasant View
  3. $1,215,000- Belgravia

$3,890,000- Currently listed in Laurier and under construction. 

Average sale prices

33 Sold listings so far in 2017 as of August 3, 2017

Single family detached Skinny home $828,496

Half Duplex infill $538,086

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